About Sweet table

At BakingLove we are experts at making tailor-made cakes. Tell us exactly what you are thinking of and we’ll bake it for you. You can trust us for your wedding cake, a cake for any special occasion, for your family, friends or businesses. We even offer the whole set up for a sweet table: cake, biscuits, lollypops, cupcakes, candies… We can offer you our original flavours or you can suggest your owns, same with the design, shapes, textures, etc.

I am Miriam, the founder and pastry artist at BakingLove. In my twenties, while I was studying architecture, I used to spend days thinking about the weekend at my father’s bakery. Soon enough I realised that my real passion was baking, so after many discussions at home, I promised I’d do my best to become the best pastry chef I could be. 

I am not there yet, but I have spent more than fifteen years putting all my heart in every cake, using all the techniques I have learned over the years in Spain, Venezuela, France and England to improve the quality of our products using the best that is available on the market. I have been working hard trying not to fail what I promised to my family.

I grew up in a bakery, studied architecture, hospitality and cooking, I have dozens of courses taught by well-known artists in the kitchen and now I am enjoying this period in London baking with love for Londoners.

Thank you for your time. I am glad to have had this opportunity to introduce myself. Please, visit our testimonials page or follow us on social media to learn more about us.

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