Wedding cake


Every wedding cake is unique and should be unforgettable. As a pastry artist, I always pay attention to every detail, from the design to the taste, I bake tailor-made, handcrafted, and using the finest quality ingredients wedding cakes, creating something that is the best reflexion of such a special day.

I won “The best wedding cake” award during a wedding exhibition back in 2009 in Spain, and since then I have baked hundreds of wedding cakes that have delighted every bride and groom. I like working with them to find their favorite flavour, decoration, and design. We meet until we agree that piece of sweet art that will be part of one the best days of their lives.

We like working well in advance so if you are organising your wedding, please, contact us to get a quote and before leaving this page, we would like you to visit our reviews from our happy couples.